Last weekend I was ill with a cold, so I chosed black for my outfits because I feel more confident wearing it.
This is what I wore on saturday for going to the cinema with my boyfriend. Unluckily, it was crowded with people and by the time we reached the ticket office the film I wanted to see had already started.
I'm wearing my cute white high heels, very in the shape of those 50s shoes. It was love at first sight but they're not comfortable at all, so I normally use them when I'm not supposed to be standing for a long time.
my white shoes
On sunday morning I wore this LBD, which is a gift from my mom. Really comfortable and versatile :)
And by the way, how do you feel about black?


Today I'm gonna introduce us :) The quality of the pictures is surely the worst you've ever seen, but we couldn't do better in the darkness of the early morning at home. I have to find a way to take better pictures without having to install a spotlight and big white panes in our living room.
So, this is my mom in her outfit of yesterday:
my mom
Pretty, isn't she? ;) I even can't remember the exact colors, but I'd bet the pullover and the boots where dark brown, and the trousers were light brown.
And this is me:
Here again, the colours are a bit difficult to see, but the turtleneck and the socks are cotton grey, and my jeans are dark navy and not black.
I promise better pictures for the next time!

Let's start!

During a quite long time, I felt really bored about my clothes. In fact, it was not my clothes, but my way of wearing them. That's why I started looking at some fashion blogs, most of them really inspiring.

Then, I knew my mother was feeling the same, and she proposed to take pictures of us so as to have a more accurate look of us and to choose better our outfits.

So the idea of this blog is not so much to show our "wonderful" style to other people, as to force us to keep taking pictures! Also, I think is a good way of gathering and commenting a lot of inspiration sources I find in the web.

Finally, why English? Well, I don't know... I think English is used by many people, and almost all the style blogs I read are in English, so why not? :)

If you are here reading this, I hope you enjoy the contents, and don't forget to leave your comment!