Today I'm gonna introduce us :) The quality of the pictures is surely the worst you've ever seen, but we couldn't do better in the darkness of the early morning at home. I have to find a way to take better pictures without having to install a spotlight and big white panes in our living room.
So, this is my mom in her outfit of yesterday:
my mom
Pretty, isn't she? ;) I even can't remember the exact colors, but I'd bet the pullover and the boots where dark brown, and the trousers were light brown.
And this is me:
Here again, the colours are a bit difficult to see, but the turtleneck and the socks are cotton grey, and my jeans are dark navy and not black.
I promise better pictures for the next time!


Anonymous said...

I love the red pullover you wear :).

estrella said...

I love it too, I have to take a better picture of it :D