Let's start!

During a quite long time, I felt really bored about my clothes. In fact, it was not my clothes, but my way of wearing them. That's why I started looking at some fashion blogs, most of them really inspiring.

Then, I knew my mother was feeling the same, and she proposed to take pictures of us so as to have a more accurate look of us and to choose better our outfits.

So the idea of this blog is not so much to show our "wonderful" style to other people, as to force us to keep taking pictures! Also, I think is a good way of gathering and commenting a lot of inspiration sources I find in the web.

Finally, why English? Well, I don't know... I think English is used by many people, and almost all the style blogs I read are in English, so why not? :)

If you are here reading this, I hope you enjoy the contents, and don't forget to leave your comment!


ChiliLady said...

Wow, cute blog, i looooove this design!
And I'm lookin' forward for your posts!

estrella said...

Thank you! :D I made it myself, as part of Webmissstresss & Co. (I'm part of the "Co."). So you know, if you ever want to change your layout, call us! ;) -> webmissstresss@gmail.com

And after the ads break... well, don't expect too much from the posts :P

And thanks for commenting! ^_^