Last weekend I was ill with a cold, so I chosed black for my outfits because I feel more confident wearing it.
This is what I wore on saturday for going to the cinema with my boyfriend. Unluckily, it was crowded with people and by the time we reached the ticket office the film I wanted to see had already started.
I'm wearing my cute white high heels, very in the shape of those 50s shoes. It was love at first sight but they're not comfortable at all, so I normally use them when I'm not supposed to be standing for a long time.
my white shoes
On sunday morning I wore this LBD, which is a gift from my mom. Really comfortable and versatile :)
And by the way, how do you feel about black?


Auntie Tati said...

The white shoes (the first picture) are adorable :) What a shame that they aren't comfortable as well.

Anonymous said...

The dress you wear is awesome. I love black - I feel always comfortable wearing black!

estrella said...

Thanks both for your comments, it's encouraging to see you have readers and some feedback :)

Auntie Tati: It's really a pity, I'd like to wear them more often!

Nadine: I've seen in your blog your wonderful combinations of black/white/red, I'm looking forward to findind a nice pair of red shoes to try out with some black outfits!