Steve Ballmer's paper doll

For the people who may not know him, Steve Ballmer is Microsoft's CEO. He's famous for doing things like this:

And, above all, for this particular time, for which he has already got a musical version:

Now, instead of that ugly wet shirt, you can make him wear whatever you want -- and it's available -- in this funny game from Geek Culture:

Steve Ballmer doll

Enjoy :)

Inspiration comes from...

This week has been awfully stressing, with a lot of work and few sleep hours. This means I wasn't in the mood of taking pictures during the whole week (though I think my mother did, I have to check that). To put an end to the blogging silence, I think it's time to present some sources of inspiration:

Strawberry Kitten - Hers was the first style blog I found and I got addicted to it because a lot of her clothes are made by her. When I was younger I liked to sew my own clothes (I still do, but unluckily I don't have so much time as then). Anyway, I just love her style and I'm learning a lot from her.

Le blog de Betty - I hardly understand what she says but there is no need as her pictures are so self-explained. I admire how she creates several different looks from the same base clothes by adding others.

Only Shallow - Lovely girl with a very personal style. Fresh air for me, that I'm used to see something very different here.

The Clothes Horse - Another girl with her very own style, I don't even know if it would fit me but I like a lot her thoughts about fashion and style :)

Bonus track: Searching the inner me... - My mother gives her special vote to The Seeker and her taste for combinig colors.