Steve Ballmer's paper doll

For the people who may not know him, Steve Ballmer is Microsoft's CEO. He's famous for doing things like this:

And, above all, for this particular time, for which he has already got a musical version:

Now, instead of that ugly wet shirt, you can make him wear whatever you want -- and it's available -- in this funny game from Geek Culture:

Steve Ballmer doll

Enjoy :)


saricchiella said...

xDD I sincerely have no words to describe this man xDD He's an Engineering Showman!! He's just like cheering up a football team in the first video... I wonder if he has been like that during all his career... just imagine his job interview: "I - LOVE - THIS - COMPANY!!! YEAH!!"

Come back soon, girl... we miss you!!


pd.- devElopers, devElopers, devElopers, devElopers...

estrella said...

Really, if I were in one of those meetings, and saw this man come out and scream like that, I would have to make sure I'm in the right place... ;)