I'm not dead

Nor even in the hide. I've been away (away = Austria) for almost two weeks, and then really full of work. Volunteering stuff on weekends doesn't help, either. So I find really difficult to post something, as I'm at home only to sleep at night. This makes me think about the aim of this blog -- most of times I don't take pictures because I want them to have a proper quality, so that I can show them here, and in the end this means that the blog is not making me be constant in taking pictures but all the way round.

However, I tend to have a maternal feeling towards things I create, and I don't feel like "killing" this blog. I'm thinking about giving it a change of purpose, so that I can post brief things without having to take a proper picture. I have to give it a second thought, anyway.

But for now, I want to show you a few things I have received/bought lately and which I'm very happy about :)

First, this cap. I almost bought it in Graz, but fortunately I didn't, because it was waiting for me at home! My boyfriend's sister gave it to me as a present :)

black winter cap

This one I bought it myself because I'm starting aerobic lessons and I wanted (needed!) a beautiful sports bag to carry my sports things all day long. I really like this bag: beautiful, perfect size and easy to clean.

flowered sports bag

The best purchase of the year: these two pairs of shoes for only 26 euros! The red ankle boots are made of leather and only cost 20 euros; the navy flats have a little fault and that's why they were so cheap! I love late sales :)

red ankle boots navy flats

After the whole winter I'm fed up with dark colors and I'm longing for spring to arrive! These sunny days were like a promise of warmth and light, and I couldn't resist to buy these yellow tights the moment I saw them.

yellow tights

I hope spring doesn't make us wait for very long :)

waiting for spring


The Seeker said...

Welcome back!!
Love the red boots, and the yellow tights.
Also the navy flats were a bargain and you can pair it all with so many things.
Yes, I'm also dieing for spring.


Anonymous said...

Oh welcome back! I love the shoes you bought! Both pairs look amazing!

estrella said...

The Seeker: Thanks! And indeed, I'm thinking about new combinations with them every day. Sunny weather makes me want to wear colourful outfits :)

Nadine: Thank you too! Today I'm wearing the red boots and they are soooo comfortable! :D

ChiliLady said...

You should have told ME that you've been to my country!!!! why? Why???