Last tuesday I became a year older :) Though I spent 12 hours away from home, it was delicious anyway because of my dear partners at university and a wonderful dinner with my family and boyfriend late at night. Besides, it was funny to discover a videoclub which was about to close and selling everything for 1 to 5 euros - I arrived home with a few video-presents for them! :D

Lately I'm not very in the mood for pictures because of the loads and loads of work I have to do in no time, but I took some photos of my presents so that I can share with you :)

My sister gave me this cute summer dress and a matching necklace:

coloured dress blue necklace

I received these two bags: the green one from some friends and the white one from my mother. I'm so happy with them :)


Also, my boyfriend gave me this special rucksack for my new laptop, which was something I really needed! However, he has taken it away because he's going to change it for a red one.

laptop rucksack

This little clutch is a gift from the same friends. It is a cosmetics clutch actually!

cosmetics clutch cosmetics clutch's inside

More beauty: this ticket from my parents counts for a series of laser depilation sessions. Yipeee!! :D

depilation ticket

This item is really funny: an extra-mini-dress-like-towel! I'm thinking about taking it to the gym shower...

towel dress

A pair of stockings from the same friends who gave me the towel, and this pretty shoes. It's a pity I have to return them because they hurt my feet :S

feet wear

And last but not least, something that will keep me quite entertained: two books! The one of the left is a present from my boyfriend too, and he made me find it by following some clues round my home! It is indeed a mistery novel and it has a notebook attached with some material so that you can work out your way through it :D And the one of the right is Wicked, a gift from two friends who I took to that musical play!


I'm longing to see what this new age has for me :)


The Seeker said...


I wish you all the best for this year to come.

Great gifts you had. Love the floral dress, the handbags, the necklace and it's a pity you've to return the shoes they look so nice and trendy.

Great that you had fun and have enjoyed your DAY.


Anonymous said...

First of all: a late Happy Birthday! So many nice presents. I'm jealous. The dress and the necklace are adorable, I would kill for the green bag and the clutch is the cutest thing ever!

estrella said...

The Seeker: Thank you! :D I'm still deciding about the shoes, because they are so beatiful, but they were too expensive to wear them just one or two times... Maybe I'll find another nice shoes and I'll post them too.

Nadine: Thanks! ^_^ All the presents were wonderful this year, I'm so lucky!

soph said...

What great presents, I imagine the summer dress and necklace will looks so cool together...
I've tagged you, details are on my blog :)

The Seeker said...

Yes, I going to try red and pink one of these days :D
About pink and blue I think it's a great combo.
One can start with blue jeans and a pink top and after a while go for more audaciouse looks, give it a try, you'll look lovely, I bet.


estrella said...

Soph: It's exciting to be tagged for the first time, hihi...
I'm really looking forward to wear that dress! But the weather isn't as warm yet, so I'm thinking about wearing it as a high-waisted skirt with a shirt until it's hotter here.

The Seeker: I have plenty of blue clothes, and some pink too, so I'll do it as soon as I leave this stupid illness behind (I only feel like wearing baggy grey stuff at the moment :S)

What would you like my name to be? said...

love the green bag! =)

estrella said...

Me too!! :D

Thank you for your visit :)