Blue mood

Blue skies make me want to dress alike. I don't understand why blue means "sad", for me is brightness and joy :) This is what I wore last thursday for university:

all in blue

On saturday I dressed in blue again for a birthday party, but it was too dark to take a proper picture.

Today, it was cloudy, windy and rain-smelling, and it started to rain in the afternoon. I tried to fight the grey atmosphere and my own tiredness of a whole weekend full of work with some bright mustard. So this was my outfit:

yellow for a rainy day

It's funny this relationship I always stablish between weather - mood - colors... Does weather influence in your outfit's color too?

By the way, there's something special in these two pictures, which I accidentally discovered now... Do you know what is it? ;)


Anonymous said...

Both looks are really great. I love your shirt in the second look and the blue cardi with the Zara print shirt in the first picture is such a nice idea.

estrella said...

Thank you! :)

I love that shirt, I'm longing for warmer weather to wear it again :D

The Seeker said...

I think both outfits look very cute, and fit you really nice.
So your face is showed through the window... ;) Funny


estrella said...

Thank you! :) And you noticed the face, hehe... I didn't realised about the reflection until I edited these pictures!

The Seeker said...

;) I've noticed the reflection... best in the second picture.
For what I can see you're such a pretty girl!!

Thank you for your kind words in my blog.


estrella said...

Oh, thank you! (I'm going red...)
I'll see you there :)

soph said...

the reflections look so cool! very nice outfits