Coming spring

Longer days are great! Finally I have a place where I can take a picture when I get up in the morning :)

blue and grey

Ok, maybe too much light now... I'll try something for the next time.

I love blue and grey, and this was my outfit for a highly optimistic day! After the yellow tights I couldn't resist buying a blue pair, and though it turned out to be a weird balloon-like blue I'm very happy because I have lots of blue shirts to combine - as I noticed when I bought this one some days ago.

By the way, the ribbon brooch is made by me - two strings and a safety pin is all that's needed!

ribbon brooch

Have you ever made an easy complement? I bet so! Please share the experience in a comment :)


Anonymous said...

I really love your look! Such beautiful colors :).

estrella said...

Oh, I missed that comment! Thanks a lot :)

LaGuPeGGa said...

i admire your feets and also tights <3

estrella said...

LaGuPeGGa: Thanks!