High heels

Just another short entry today, because I'm at university right now and tonight there's ball dancing lessons! Besides, I haven't got any proper picture because yesterday was too dark again and today the sun was incomprehensibly bright just in the moment I needed to take the picture :S

So, it's time for another one's pictures again :) Today I present Deluxe, a woman with a delightful sense of style:

Deluxe: Con dos tacones

Deluxe pictures

The name of her blog is funny for Spanish speakers, because of a quite nasty idiom related to men and referring to bravery - she changes the nasty word for "heels", which indeed are usually very high in most of the pictures!

Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh her style is so great :).

The Seeker said...

Sometimes I check Deluxe's blog and I think she you're right, she has a great sense of style (and I think a big wardrobe.
But she does all the looks so well!! I wish I could do such work.


estrella said...

Sorry for this lateness but I've been so busy!

Nadine: She is always so stylish! The con is the price of the clothes she buys...

The Seeker: I agree with you, she must have a lot of clothes! I like the way she combines them, it seems so natural once it's done!

melmo said...

Looks good!

estrella said...

It's true :) I love all the shoes!
Thank you for leaving your comment, Melmo, I'll pay you a visit soon!