Ikea skirt

Another rainy day! Today I dressed in my other favourite color: green.

green oufit

I'm sorry for the bad quality but the clouds were so thick this morning. I'm wearing a black shirt and black patent boots (great for the rain), and green skirt, tights and Portuguese scarf. This skirt is one of my favourite skirts ever. I love the shape, the color, the big black button on the side and the print:

skirt's print

That's why I call it "the Ikea skirt" ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh your skirt is really cute! What a lovely print :).

The Seeker said...

I see why you give your skirt that name, so cute :D


estrella said...

Nadine: Thank you! I love love love that skirt :)

The Seeker: Hehe, now I think about it, that furniture print is more like vintage than Ikea, but anyway that's true, it's so cute!