A pain in the neck

In the last days I'm kind of obsessed with wearing something around my neck. The variable stupid weather (but not unpredictable: you know it'll rain in the end ¬¬) makes me unsure and having my neck properly covered is what I need to leave the house in the morning.

This red shirt brought a bow brooch with it (the one I'm wearing here), but last saturday I saw at least 3 people wearing it in different colours :S So I thought that replacing the brooch with a big bow around the neck would make a nice change and hopefully it wouldn't look the same... It reminded me of a mix between a child and a painter :)

Now you can see my yellow hairband too! This winter I've been totally into hairbands, and this one is my favourite.

Forecasts say that we'll have more rain until next wednesday at least... I hope it will be sunny from then on!!


The Seeker said...

Fabulous the big blue bow with the red blouse look sooooo stylish and pretty, you've worked it very well darling.
Oh the weather, don't tell me, yesterday I get wet because of some showers, now I'm feeling sick.
I've been in a working trip in another island and I forgot my umbrella...

The yellow headband is so cute.
Hope you'll have a great weekend, with better weather ;)


Anonymous said...

The blouse with the bow is soo cute!

estrella said...

The Seeker: I'm glad you liked it, you're the colour queen! hehe... I hope you get well soon!!

Nadine: Thank you! :)

Heva said...


estrella said...

Thank you ;)

melmo said...

I really really like your two outfits! they look great!
the idea with the bow is great...
I hope the weather will be better next days!