We've been tagged by Soph, so here we go with the meme. These are the rules:

  • Create a link to the person who tagged you.
  • Mention the rules for this game on your blog.
  • Tell 6 unimportant things/(bad) habits (unspectacular quirks) about you.
  • After answering the questions tag six other people and link them in your blog.
  • Tell the people you've tagged about it in their own blogs.

Points 1 and 2 are already fulfilled, and now my mum and I are going to answer the third:

  • My mum can't never ever leave a single thing out of its place.
  • She always wakes up thirsty at midnight.
  • She never notices when you are leaving the room, so it's really easy that she speaks to you when you're not even there.
  • I can't stand when cupboard/cabinet/wardrobe doors are not completely closed.
  • I usually prefer watching the commercials on TV than the actual program.
  • ... if I can watch TV! I never have time for it and hence I don't follow any series or show.

I can't think of a blogger that hasn't been already tagged, so I leave this open for whoever wants to take it!

Now, talking about ads, here I paste a video of the commercial for Quizás, Quizás, Quizás by Loewe. I find it most inspiring, especially the short version. I hope you like it!


The Seeker said...

I love the memes. Is such a great way to lear more about bloggers.

The Youtube video is so interesting, thanks for sharing.


soph said...

Mmm the commercial is very quirky and cool..

The Seeker said...

You're right, Vinicius de Moraes has a poem named Tomara, so beautiful.

And yes, I was sad.

Thanks for the visit

estrella said...

I'm sorry for answering your comments so late... But here I go :)

The Seeker (x2): Me too, they say that memes are like cultural tiny items that, by mixing and forwarding, makes culture evolve, just like genes (and hence the name) for living beings.

And, changing subject, I love 'Tomara' :)

Soph: Many commercials are so COOL, I think I'll post more of them in the future...