Cruel fate!

You might remember these shoes my mom gave me for my birthday:

green shoes (and socks)

I had to change them because they didn't fit my toes' shape. In return, I took this lovely pair:

blue wedges

I fell in love with them, the bows at the back are so cute and the checked inside is a detail I adore. However, my bad luck didn't leave me -- after no more than 5 days, the wedges began to peel off! So, back to the shop, I tried to say goodbye to them, but they refused to let me choose another shoes and only gave me a new pair. No way -- again back to the shop, and finally they gave me back the money.

I'm having a lot of trouble finding shoes this summer, though I have clear ideas of what I want. Maybe that's the problem! For now, I've only managed to get this pretty pair of red sandals:

red sandals

I've taken some pictures but I've had a really busy time lately and haven't found a moment to post them: I had loads of work to finish before tomorrow, when I'll leave for a fortnight to a camp site. There'll be about a hundred boys and girls. Wish me luck! :)