It's summer time!!

I'm back from the campsite and everything went well :) Now I'm wearing 6 thread bangles on my wristle, gifts from kids and others, and hence somehow ready for my real vacation on the beach!! :D

thread bangles

I appreciate your kind comments in the previous post and I must say that though I haven't had the time to comment on yours I've read them all. I'll try to leave some comments before I leave tomorrow.

I'm going to post two outfits from some time ago. I love this summer trend of floral dresses, maybe because of the Mango advertising I could see every morning last spring:

Mango campaign

Though not as much as I would've liked, I've worn some flowers myself, like here for a special event (I also love this dress' 20s look!):

A flowered dress

Or here, where I'm happily wearing the dress my sister gave to me, which in fact is from Mango, and the beautiful lost wedges:

Another flowered dress Detail of the bolero

Now, before I leave, I have to show you something! I just found these high-waisted shorts in the wardrobe, they come from my sister's childhood and they still fit me. Yipeee!!

Old navy shorts

And at last it's time to go... Enjoy the lovely summertime!!

Beach and relax at last!!


Anonymous said...

I totally adore the second look! Your yellow cardigan is just perfect!

The Seeker said...

Thank you dear for your kind comment.

It seems that we are going to be closer as you said :D

Well, I love both your dresses, that one with a 20's look it's great, and the yellow cardi s lovelly.

Wishing you lots of fun enjoy your holidays!!!!


Diana said...

I LOVE your yellow outfit!! That cute yellow mini jacket is so cute, I want it.

The Seeker said...

Welcome back dear!!!!
I'll look forward to your posts ;)
well, when you feel confortable for that.


estrella said...

Nadine: Thank you :) My mother sometimes has a good eye and this time she demonstrated it finding the bolero cardi. How lucky!!

The Seeker: Thanks for your sweet comments :) I love that place, it's very quiet and the vacation was so fine :) I found some of the shoes I was searching for there, I'll post them as soon as I get new batteries for my camera *lol*

Diana: It goes to perfection matched with that dress, I love it too!

The Seeker said...

Thank you my darling for your support about my mother, sometimes it's hard.


estrella said...

You're welcome, Seeker :)