Mends to red outfit #3

Well, you know that the red outfit #3 didn't result as expected, so some mend needed to be done! Very kindly, The Seeker advised me to do this:

mend number 1

Back in that day, what I did to "recycle" it for an evening walk was this:

mend number 2

And today I want to present you "someone". You have often seen her bed and dishes, and now here you see: Megan, my beloved dog!! with my dog! Woof!!


The Seeker said...

I think both ways look pretty ;)
But indeed with the pants worked very well, good job.

Oh and I love love love your dog, sooooooo cute.

I have a little gift for you in my blog. Please check it.

estrella said...

The Seeker: I agree, both look well :) Thanks for your advice!
Oh, and my dog is really lovable, she is also very clever!! ^_^
Thank you for your gift, I'll have a look at your blog right now!