I'm glad to introduce you to my red laptop rucksack:

my laptop rucksack

This has been my everyday companion since I came back from the beach. Its bright red is filling my head with bright hopes and happiness. So, here I begin a series of red outfits -- every one must have something red, and this will last... till I get bored :P


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The Seeker said...

So cute and nice, and seems also pratic.

Hmmmm.... I'm looking forward for your "with a red piece" outfits. Sounds very nice and inspiring ;D


Anonymous said...

The bag looks like it would be smiling :)... love this!

estrella said...

The Seeker: It really is! And I hope you like the series, it's kind of a game to make out new outfits :)

Nadine: I love it too :) Plus, it's a gift from my boyfriend, so it brings sweet memories to me ^_^