A bit cooler now

At the beginning of this month, I spent a few days in the very hot Naples and its surroundings, seeing the high amount of historical remainders that so many cultures left there since ancient times. Here's what I've got for you: in the next picture I'm holding a piece from a (rich) house's wall -- it's from the soft part of the wall, and its conical form allows it to move a little bit so that a (likely) seismic wave looses part of its strenght when it reaches the tough part of the wall, made of standard bricks. Greek people had the idea and later Roman invaders continued using it, this house is at Paestum. (Ok, I know it's hard to see, try enlarging the picture by clicking on it and see the wall in the background, which is made of these).

piece of wall in Paestum

When I came back home I had to forget my holidays in no time, because this month I present my Master thesis and there were things that I still had to rewrite!! Today I'm doing a short break to post something :)

Autumn is starting to arrive, and these days you look at your wardrobe and see nothing proper to wear, because the breeze is cold but the sun is shining! These are some of my hot-but-cooler outfits of this week:

one two three

The T-shirt in the last one is from this summer buys and I especially like it because of (apart from the color and the print) the wonderful sleeves. I tried to take a picture (downwards) of it but I'm afraid it's a bit crappy... I hope you'll guess what I mean! ;)


And finally, today's question is: how do you face the change of season? Layering? Catching a cold like me?...


The Seeker said...

Sounds you had a nice time in Naples, you look cute.

All your outfit are nice I like very much #2.

Weather here is still hot, I know that in winter I would sigh for hot days, but now I'm wanting a bit colder ones.

Good luck for your Master thesis!!!


estrella said...

The Seeker: Indeed it was hard at the beginning, but then we started loving the city and everything else :)
Thank you for your sweet words!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

It's freezing cold here! *shivers*

That's why I really envy you!

The last two looks look so great! Love how you've worked with colors!

estrella said...

Nadine: That's what I love of Spain: the sunny weather :)
Thank you for the compliment, it means a lot to me ^^