Cibeles Fashion Week

I love Juanjo Oliva and also his dresses ;) And he didn't disappoint me! Here you are some of my favourite ones from his S/S 09 collection:

Juanjo Oliva collection

But for me the best this time was Juana Martín's:

Juana Martín collection

They both share things that I love: clean lines, 'airy' volume and plain, very-basic colors.

I saw some of these images from yesterday's session and, I don't know why, they kept popping in my mind while I was sleeping... Maybe now they'll infect your dreams too ;)

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The Seeker said...

Very nice indeed, but I wish it had a bit more of colour.... ;)


estrella said...

I knew you would say that! But I have such a weakness for black and white :)