Maybe, after so much searching for Oxfords, I have such an obsession that I can't stop buying pairs! hehe... But indeed, this time, it was because of the brown patent and the flat heel, I think I'll wear them a lot this winter :)

brown flat oxford shoes


The Seeker said...

What am I going to do with you?????
I'm going to trip by the internet and stole all your oxfords!!!
I don't care I will find a way!!!

Loving them!


(I still couldn't find ones...) (well the price is also being a problem...)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend hun.

Anonymous said...

Oh... they look soo great!

estrella said...

The Seeker: XD Ok I'll be waiting for you... But don't expect it to be easy! hehe! I hope you'll be lucky along this autumn and finally find your perfect pair :)

Nadine: Yes! :D And I could check yesterday that they're really comfy too!

melmo said...

these shoes are amazing!!!

estrella said...

Melmo: Yes, I was lucky I found them :)

Knuspi said...

Wow they look amazing =)

estrella said...

Knuspi: And I'm never tired of wearing them, so comfy they are :)