Loving the details <3

This is my sister's new shirt:

green shirt

And this is what I love of it:

little ribbon in the inside

Details in the inside are for the one who wears the item of clothing, I think it's cute of the designer to include them :)


Anonymous said...

Oh this is an awesome dress :)

The Seeker said...

Oh, how really cute the detail.
And also the dress is amazing.


estrella said...

Nadine: Thanks! And now you say it, maybe it's a dress... though too short for my sister and I, I think.

The Seeker: Thanks :) That silly detail is what I like most of it!

señor todo wOrLd said...

excelente blog

The Seeker said...

I gave you two awards, please check my blog.

estrella said...

Señor todo wOrLd: Gracias :)

The Seeker: Thank you dear, I'll have a look at them right now! :)

Diana said...

The bow detail is really cute

estrella said...

Diana: Yes, so lovely :)