A small break

To prove this blog isn't dead: my mum some day last week (or before, I don't remember...). I finally managed to take some pic of her :)

mum in black and white

You see, we're true lovers of turtlenecks!


Anonymous said...

I totally adore turtlenecks... and your skirt is really pretty!

The Seeker said...

Now I can see why you're beautiful (despite I can't see your eyes), because your mom seems also beautiful :)

Nice outfit, I'm also a turtleneck lover, but here is still very hot for that.

Hope everything is ok lovely

The Daily Masquerade said...

haha... what i funny picture!

estrella said...

Nadine: The skirt is so beautiful, she should wear it more often!

The Seeker: Thank you dear. In my opinion, she's much more beautiful than me :)
It's not so cold here either, but sometimes you want something smooth wrapped around your neck, you know... ;)

The Daily Masquerade: Thank you :)

jules said...

your mom looks sooooooooo cool! :) thanks for posting!

i'll add you up to myblog. i hope you don'tmind. take care!


estrella said...

Jules: Thanks to you :) Of course I don't care, it's OK.