More than a month without posting. And there is no crisis without a later renovation, no rebirth without a previous struggle.
It's true that I'm a bit stressed, I hardly find time for even just reading blogs, but in fact that's how I always am. I've been thinking about this and I believe the difference lays in the motivation.
I've already reached the goals I set for myself at the beginning of this blog - now I wear a style I like and mix and match more than two colors without fear. It's time for new goals. So...
New goals:
  • My body isn't general, it has a specific shape and length, some flaws and some strong points. I inted to find out what suits me best and worst, and do not choose pieces that I like but are unflattering for me.
  • I have a feeling that my wardrobe is a bit messy. I need to build a good basic wardrobe with just a few additional season clothes.
So that will be the agenda for the blog in the near future. Wish me luck in the search! :)

Working saturday

Yesterday I had to go to work... Exams on saturday should be forbidden.
yellow shirt with jeans detail of the shirt collar

New trends

I've been intentionally skipping the "New collection" section in every shop since the sales began, as I can't stand looking at warm clothes when it's 35ºC at least outside, no matter how cold the air conditioner is configured... That's taken me to a feeling of disorientation lately, as I'm becoming aware that autumn is approaching (not that temperatures have dropped, it's just that I'm preparing the new year courses) and I can't figure out what's the current trend.

That's why I bought some fashion magazine this morning, and have been flicking through it during mealtime. I don't like studs, my body doesn't allow much volume, neither skinnies... that leaves me with some harem pants, whatever skirt I like and bold colours. I'm not a slave to trendiness, so that's enough for me :)

What are your thoughts on the new trends?

And now, what I promised: more black and blue (but not so dark):

black skinnies and blue basic tee

The shoes were giving me a lot of pain until the day I decided I wouldn't wear them anymore... strange!

detail of the white flats

Nice weekend to all of you! :)

Changing my mind

Black and dark blue is a colour combination that I'd never dare to make a few years ago... Now I'm quite fond of it and lately I wear it a lot! As proof, what I wore some day last week:

It's a pity I didn't take a picture of the brooch, it hardly appears on the above one and it's a cute craft from my mum... Anyway, expect more black and blue soon ;)

Airy ~~~

Last spring I was longing for true heat and now I'm regretting such wish, this summer is being so hot that I nearly melt when I come back home in the afternoons!

Anyway, great weather for airy dresses like this one:

green dress

Now, time for some work in this lovely air-conditioned room... ;)

Back to work :S

Today was the day... I wasn't unwilling to go back to work, but the fact of being the only one was discouraging :(

What's more, the effort of putting together an outfit after a night of bad sleep seems worthless. I'm happy I could share it with my dear family afterwards, and now with you!

jeans outfit

Let's see who is also back tomorrow...

Busy busy busy

I thought that during my vacation I'd be able to post and visit blogs fluently, but you see...

Calvin and Hobbes summer stripe

(Calvin and Hobbes stripe by great Bill Watterson, click to enlarge!)

... I'm too busy!! Happy summer to all of you :D

Too late!

Today it was a little late and consequently dark, but I wanted to take a picture of the outfit because I haven't presented my new white linen trousers yet.

too dark to get a good picture

But you'll have to wait a bit more for a better introduction... Good night!

Casual day

Yesterday night I had a dinner with friends from work. I arrived home at 2:00 a.m. (and I was the first to go home)... Today was a hard day.

simple outfit

Okay, it's not my best picture, as it's not my best outfit either... but today I took a detail picture of the shirt in compensation:

white shirt

Isn't it cute??

Now I have to rest, tomorrow I'll go to the campsite early to start the weekend with the hike. See you next week, have a nice weekend!


Today I was feeling blue... My boyfriend has parted to a children summer camp and I won't see him for a fortnight.

But you know, blue is also my favourite colour :) And maybe I can scape for the weekend to pay him a visit!

blue summer dress with white capri trousers

I can't wait for the weekend :)

PS: I've just realised I'm wearing blue and white again... This is blue+white week, I guess!

Back to reality

I've spent a lovely weekend in a surprise trip to Valencia. Awesome architecture, great beach and interesting museums (and lots of good food, too!). But the best part was my ever sweet boyfriend :)

white and blue ensemble

Going back to reality was hard today. But this white skirt brightened up my day!

Like Flor

Though unintentional, I think today I was looking a bit like character Flor from the film Spanglish. I don't like her styling much, so I wasn't thrilled with my outfit... But it was practical for being at my office, though!

my outfit

So that you can tell for yourself:

Flor's outfit

Taken from

As you can see from the first picture, I kept the shoes. It's my summer shoes curse I guess, not to find what I want...


I've been searching and searching for a new pair of shoes. I want them mid-heeled, but all heels I've found are very high or otherwise look like mature lady shoes. At last I've found these:

new shoes

They're OK in the sense that they're sandals, mid-heeled and incredibly comfy. They're not OK in the sense that they're not what I was searching for in colour and shape.

The question is, should I keep them?? What do you think?? Please help me decide!


Hello, lovely weather!:)

The last days have been adorable, not too hot, not too windy... However, this afternoon wasn't hot enough to go to the swimming pool, so here I am posting what I wore this morning for going to church:

floral dress

I love, love, love this dress. I'm afraid the picture doesn't show all its glorious perfection... Apart from being black and being floral, it's fine for all occasions and makes you look so pretty, that everyone compliments you all the time. As I said, perfection made dress.

Well, now there's just one thing missing -- holidays!

Want boots?

You don't mind the hot weather and want to wear a new pair of boots anyway?
You live in the South Hemisphere and need new heating for your feet?
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And if you want some inspiration for styling Ugg boots, I forward you to Tokyobanhbao, queen of comfy shoesing!
Tokyobanhbao wearing Ugg boots


Some days ago, a friend of mine presented her final work to get her engineering degree. This is what I wore to join and support her during the presentation, the later drinks and the even later Italian food:

stripped tee with shorts

I had a nautical feeling... Would it be because of the stripped tee or the knee-length trousers? ARRR! ;)

Perfect match

Namely, this:
grey tights and flats
Back in march, I bought some tights of other colours, and some time later, a cute pair of grey flats. When they met at home, it was love at first sight!
So I didn't wait long to wear the lovely same-colour tights+shoes combo:
wearing the combo at last
I totally love summer, but I miss wearing tights :)

I'm back!

At last!

I've been through so much work that I didn't find the time or even the wish to post anything... And actually, there wasn't much of interest to be shown, as the stress didn't allow for much creativity!

While I'm still managing to bring my sense of style back, this is what I've been wearing all day. You can note in my pose how tired and hot I was after wandering all the evening long from shop to shop in the heat of these days!

black and red

This outfit gained me lots of compliments today :) I think it's because of the black color near my face, I'm so pale it flatters me a lot.

I've tried to keep reading blogs, but I hope I'll finally catch up with it within this month... See you in the comments, then!


I've been sick for some days. At first I was so weak I just slept for a whole day. Then I could only sit next to the balcony and look and hear. I knew I was fine again when I could enjoy Bride and Prejudice.

Though being sick is not funny at all, it did a lot of good to me: it provided me with time to pause, rest and free my mind of everything. Also time for being at home and receiving hugs and attention from my family. I wish I was sick every once in a while...

This is what I was wearing the day it all started (sorry for the poor pic again :S)

green and brown

The turtleneck is light green and the pullover is brown, like the tights, though the light has played a bit with the colours and they seem different.


A pair of shoes that hurts must be counteracted with very comfy clothes. The best part of the outfit is the skirt, which is indeed not a skirt, but trousers, and so wide and soft that you can sleep in it ;)
comfy clothes, uncomfy shoes
Again, you have to imagine the upper part of the outfit... It is a simple white cotton shirt. Ahh... I love the basics :)

Weekly meetings

I have weekly meetings on tuesday and I tend to dress more carefully. I really like how last tuesday's outfit turned out:

white shirt, blue jeans

The all-white shirt made me think of an unwritten sheet of paper, so I pinned some bagdes:

white shirt, blue jeans

Happy weekly meetings to everyone ;)

Lazy week

On monday I was already tired and I've been lazy about posting the whole week. It means that my only spare time at home is in front of the computer. And I already spend 10 hours a day in front of a computer... my eyes hurt!! In addition, I keep getting unfocused pictures, and now it's even worse as dawn starts earlier and I should pull down the balcony canopy (native English speakers, is it said like that?)... too much work for a hurry! And as I said before, I was lazy...

lazy outfit number 1

Lazy day 1: featuring my new gray tights. I'm not very convinced about them anyway...

lazy outfit number 2

Lazy day 2: I'm wearing the lovely striped shirt and van-ish shoes below. Lately I'm loving this cute + casual outfits.

striped pink shirt sport-like shoes

(Click on the pictures to enlarge).

lazy outfit number 3

Lazy day 3: Another c+c. Though you can't see it, the tee has a lot of lace on the top.

I hope you all have a nice and lazy weekend! :)

White tights again! :)

I finally own a new pair of white tights and I had to use them as soon as possible!

white and green

(it's difficult to see, but underneath the white shirt I'm wearing an olive green tank)

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Check it!

I can't understand why the camera insists on blurring the worthy pictures. Maybe it's jealous because I never talk about or picture itself...

checked shirt with black skinny jeans

I'm sure it's not that the camera is wrong...

clear picture

See what I mean?

Pairing orange

This is indeed what I wore last friday. It isn't great or something but was at the time I was thinking in ways to wear orange.

orange with brown

These trousers are just too comfy, what you need for a long friday.

Favourite jeans

Don't you have a favourite pair of jeans? That pair that seems to suit with anything, that you feel good in, that makes your botty looks great? I do, but I'm afraid it's getting worn out:

casual jeans

You saw it in action before in here and here.


An even windier day today, I was always fearing that my hat would fly away... Spring seemed so close last week and now looks farther than before!

navy and dark brown

I think it was a bad idea to wrap myself in that scarf before taking the picture... but the tee collar is loose and not a turtleneck as usual, so I really had no choice.

Oh, I almost forgot it: I find your ideas from the last post very interesting and soon I'll try to put them into practice, thanks!

Orange checked skirt

Today was darker, colder and windy, weather for cosy clothes like my booties and that black pullover (it's a horrible picture, I know...).

orange and black

I don't almost wear this skirt because I always pair it with black and I get tired of it, so I think it's time to think of something new and get to use the skirt more. Which colors do you mix with orange?


On wednesday it was darker because of the clouds... but I was happy with my new leather biker jacket!

red shirt with bow dark brown leather biker jacket

Lately I'm loving brown though spring is near and normally I'd be wanting bright colours. Which one do you feel like wearing most right now?

Searching for Lula

By the descriptions and impressions of some bloggers, it seems Lula is the best magazine ever! I'm quite reluctant to buy fashion magazines because there is always a lot of pages about things that aren't really fashion (restaurants, celebrities... no thanks!), and others seem to command you to wear the current trend, which stresses me a lot... what if I don't like it? Will I be 'out' and rejected??

What I really search for is inspiration, so I thought of giving Lula a go. I've emailed the publishers here in Spain and they will send a copy for me to my nearest press point. It will be delivered on saturday!!


My sister, her boyfriend, my fiancé, my doggy and myself dressed up as Scooby Doo's characters for the carnival.

Scooby Doo where are you??

We were second in the competition and won a delicious Parma ham! :D

colour remix

This is what I wore yesterday. I like mustard with blue, and mustard with green, but I dislike mustard with my face, so I added the blue scarf right beneath it.

a lot of colours

I'm sorry it's a bit blurred, but I couldn't notice that when I took the picture :/

Happy carnival to everyone!

Paris, mon amour

Back in November, my boyfriend took me along in a surprise trip to Paris for a weekend. When I'm there I feel I owe something to the city and I'm not allowed to wear just anything, but something beautiful and stylish... So black items are always good choices if I want light luggage.

resting next to les Invalides

Which is your star item in your suitcase?

Sunshine renewed

After snow and completely crazy weather, the last week has surprised everyone with several days in a row of sunshine and higher temperatures! :)

mild weather casual

That was me yesterday. I think I was too eager for mild weather and lighter clothes... now I'm sneezing :S

Cold winter

I'm back, I hope :) Let's see how often I can post!


This one has been the coolest winter of the last years. Snow in Madrid is weird, and I could see my wish come true!

PS: I didn't forget anything, I was just adjusting the hat when the camera shot!


Today, this blog becomes one year old! It started because of a will to dress in a better and more creative way, and though we've not been very constant in publishing (especially my mum), we've been constant in reading and I can say that we have improved our look, so I think we can be proud of the results :)

I thought that a funny pic would be great for today. Some years ago, two friends and I called us a "music band", and we had a lot of fun writing our songs, making videoclips and making up merchandising of us. Yearly, we had a photoshoot for our calendar and included some silly pictures in it. One of our favourite outfits for that was made of toilet paper (don't ask why), and later also of aluminium paper. So here you are, alien outfits for a funny birthday :)

aluminium outfits

A gift

One of the things I actually asked to the Three Kings was new Nena Daconte's album. Its first single is a song about a broken relationship, inmensely positive and sincere at the same time. The videoclip is delicious and I thought of sharing it with you:

I want to dedicate it to the thoughtful Seeker, whose birthday is today and always try to learn from what she's lived. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Prometo guardarte en el fondo de mi corazón
Prometo acordarme siempre de aquel raro diciembre
Prometo encender en tu día especial una vela
y soplarla por ti...
Prometo no olvidarlo nunca

(Chorus x2)
Tenia tanto que darte
Tantas cosas que contarte
Tenia tanto amor,
guardado para ti...

Camino despacio pensando volver hacia atrás,
No puedo en la vida las cosas suceden no más...
Aún pregunto que parte de tu destino se quedó conmigo,
Pregunto que parte se quedo por el camino

(Chorus x2)
Tenia tanto que a veces maldigo mi suerte...
A veces la maldigo
Por no seguir contigo

(Chorus x2)

I promise to store you in the bottom of my heart
I promise to always remember you in that weird december
I promise to light a candle in your special day
and blow it for you...
I promise not to forget it ever

(Chorus x2)
I had so much to give you
So many things to tell you
I had so much love
saved for you...

I walk slowly, thinking of going back
I can't, things happen in life, nothing more...
I still wonder which part of your destiny remained with me
I wonder which part was left in the path

(Chorus x2)
I had so much that sometimes I damn my luck...
Sometimes I damn it
For not being with you anymore

(Chorus x2)