Today, this blog becomes one year old! It started because of a will to dress in a better and more creative way, and though we've not been very constant in publishing (especially my mum), we've been constant in reading and I can say that we have improved our look, so I think we can be proud of the results :)

I thought that a funny pic would be great for today. Some years ago, two friends and I called us a "music band", and we had a lot of fun writing our songs, making videoclips and making up merchandising of us. Yearly, we had a photoshoot for our calendar and included some silly pictures in it. One of our favourite outfits for that was made of toilet paper (don't ask why), and later also of aluminium paper. So here you are, alien outfits for a funny birthday :)

aluminium outfits

A gift

One of the things I actually asked to the Three Kings was new Nena Daconte's album. Its first single is a song about a broken relationship, inmensely positive and sincere at the same time. The videoclip is delicious and I thought of sharing it with you:

I want to dedicate it to the thoughtful Seeker, whose birthday is today and always try to learn from what she's lived. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Prometo guardarte en el fondo de mi corazón
Prometo acordarme siempre de aquel raro diciembre
Prometo encender en tu día especial una vela
y soplarla por ti...
Prometo no olvidarlo nunca

(Chorus x2)
Tenia tanto que darte
Tantas cosas que contarte
Tenia tanto amor,
guardado para ti...

Camino despacio pensando volver hacia atrás,
No puedo en la vida las cosas suceden no más...
Aún pregunto que parte de tu destino se quedó conmigo,
Pregunto que parte se quedo por el camino

(Chorus x2)
Tenia tanto que a veces maldigo mi suerte...
A veces la maldigo
Por no seguir contigo

(Chorus x2)

I promise to store you in the bottom of my heart
I promise to always remember you in that weird december
I promise to light a candle in your special day
and blow it for you...
I promise not to forget it ever

(Chorus x2)
I had so much to give you
So many things to tell you
I had so much love
saved for you...

I walk slowly, thinking of going back
I can't, things happen in life, nothing more...
I still wonder which part of your destiny remained with me
I wonder which part was left in the path

(Chorus x2)
I had so much that sometimes I damn my luck...
Sometimes I damn it
For not being with you anymore

(Chorus x2)