On wednesday it was darker because of the clouds... but I was happy with my new leather biker jacket!

red shirt with bow dark brown leather biker jacket

Lately I'm loving brown though spring is near and normally I'd be wanting bright colours. Which one do you feel like wearing most right now?

Searching for Lula

By the descriptions and impressions of some bloggers, it seems Lula is the best magazine ever! I'm quite reluctant to buy fashion magazines because there is always a lot of pages about things that aren't really fashion (restaurants, celebrities... no thanks!), and others seem to command you to wear the current trend, which stresses me a lot... what if I don't like it? Will I be 'out' and rejected??

What I really search for is inspiration, so I thought of giving Lula a go. I've emailed the publishers here in Spain and they will send a copy for me to my nearest press point. It will be delivered on saturday!!


My sister, her boyfriend, my fiancé, my doggy and myself dressed up as Scooby Doo's characters for the carnival.

Scooby Doo where are you??

We were second in the competition and won a delicious Parma ham! :D

colour remix

This is what I wore yesterday. I like mustard with blue, and mustard with green, but I dislike mustard with my face, so I added the blue scarf right beneath it.

a lot of colours

I'm sorry it's a bit blurred, but I couldn't notice that when I took the picture :/

Happy carnival to everyone!

Paris, mon amour

Back in November, my boyfriend took me along in a surprise trip to Paris for a weekend. When I'm there I feel I owe something to the city and I'm not allowed to wear just anything, but something beautiful and stylish... So black items are always good choices if I want light luggage.

resting next to les Invalides

Which is your star item in your suitcase?

Sunshine renewed

After snow and completely crazy weather, the last week has surprised everyone with several days in a row of sunshine and higher temperatures! :)

mild weather casual

That was me yesterday. I think I was too eager for mild weather and lighter clothes... now I'm sneezing :S

Cold winter

I'm back, I hope :) Let's see how often I can post!


This one has been the coolest winter of the last years. Snow in Madrid is weird, and I could see my wish come true!

PS: I didn't forget anything, I was just adjusting the hat when the camera shot!