A pair of shoes that hurts must be counteracted with very comfy clothes. The best part of the outfit is the skirt, which is indeed not a skirt, but trousers, and so wide and soft that you can sleep in it ;)
comfy clothes, uncomfy shoes
Again, you have to imagine the upper part of the outfit... It is a simple white cotton shirt. Ahh... I love the basics :)

Weekly meetings

I have weekly meetings on tuesday and I tend to dress more carefully. I really like how last tuesday's outfit turned out:

white shirt, blue jeans

The all-white shirt made me think of an unwritten sheet of paper, so I pinned some bagdes:

white shirt, blue jeans

Happy weekly meetings to everyone ;)

Lazy week

On monday I was already tired and I've been lazy about posting the whole week. It means that my only spare time at home is in front of the computer. And I already spend 10 hours a day in front of a computer... my eyes hurt!! In addition, I keep getting unfocused pictures, and now it's even worse as dawn starts earlier and I should pull down the balcony canopy (native English speakers, is it said like that?)... too much work for a hurry! And as I said before, I was lazy...

lazy outfit number 1

Lazy day 1: featuring my new gray tights. I'm not very convinced about them anyway...

lazy outfit number 2

Lazy day 2: I'm wearing the lovely striped shirt and van-ish shoes below. Lately I'm loving this cute + casual outfits.

striped pink shirt sport-like shoes

(Click on the pictures to enlarge).

lazy outfit number 3

Lazy day 3: Another c+c. Though you can't see it, the tee has a lot of lace on the top.

I hope you all have a nice and lazy weekend! :)

White tights again! :)

I finally own a new pair of white tights and I had to use them as soon as possible!

white and green

(it's difficult to see, but underneath the white shirt I'm wearing an olive green tank)

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Check it!

I can't understand why the camera insists on blurring the worthy pictures. Maybe it's jealous because I never talk about or picture itself...

checked shirt with black skinny jeans

I'm sure it's not that the camera is wrong...

clear picture

See what I mean?

Pairing orange

This is indeed what I wore last friday. It isn't great or something but was at the time I was thinking in ways to wear orange.

orange with brown

These trousers are just too comfy, what you need for a long friday.

Favourite jeans

Don't you have a favourite pair of jeans? That pair that seems to suit with anything, that you feel good in, that makes your botty looks great? I do, but I'm afraid it's getting worn out:

casual jeans

You saw it in action before in here and here.


An even windier day today, I was always fearing that my hat would fly away... Spring seemed so close last week and now looks farther than before!

navy and dark brown

I think it was a bad idea to wrap myself in that scarf before taking the picture... but the tee collar is loose and not a turtleneck as usual, so I really had no choice.

Oh, I almost forgot it: I find your ideas from the last post very interesting and soon I'll try to put them into practice, thanks!

Orange checked skirt

Today was darker, colder and windy, weather for cosy clothes like my booties and that black pullover (it's a horrible picture, I know...).

orange and black

I don't almost wear this skirt because I always pair it with black and I get tired of it, so I think it's time to think of something new and get to use the skirt more. Which colors do you mix with orange?