A pair of shoes that hurts must be counteracted with very comfy clothes. The best part of the outfit is the skirt, which is indeed not a skirt, but trousers, and so wide and soft that you can sleep in it ;)
comfy clothes, uncomfy shoes
Again, you have to imagine the upper part of the outfit... It is a simple white cotton shirt. Ahh... I love the basics :)


The Seeker said...

Cool outfit :)
A skirt that is some pants.... well, seems really comfy, dear


estrella said...

The Seeker: It is, dear, it is :) I usually choose this bottom part for long trips.

dapper kid said...

Love your jacket and the shoes look wonderful :)

estrella said...

Dapper kid: A little girl in the subway loved the jacket too, she started caressing the print in the sleve!