An even windier day today, I was always fearing that my hat would fly away... Spring seemed so close last week and now looks farther than before!

navy and dark brown

I think it was a bad idea to wrap myself in that scarf before taking the picture... but the tee collar is loose and not a turtleneck as usual, so I really had no choice.

Oh, I almost forgot it: I find your ideas from the last post very interesting and soon I'll try to put them into practice, thanks!


The Seeker said...

What a great cardigan, dear.
Hope you'll have a nice weekend.


estrella said...

The Seeker: Thanks, I love it :) The same to you!

dapper kid said...

Love that scarf!! And the cardigan looks great :)

estrella said...

Dapper kid: Thanks! I love the scarf, too, it was a gift from my boyfriend :)