I'm back!

At last!

I've been through so much work that I didn't find the time or even the wish to post anything... And actually, there wasn't much of interest to be shown, as the stress didn't allow for much creativity!

While I'm still managing to bring my sense of style back, this is what I've been wearing all day. You can note in my pose how tired and hot I was after wandering all the evening long from shop to shop in the heat of these days!

black and red

This outfit gained me lots of compliments today :) I think it's because of the black color near my face, I'm so pale it flatters me a lot.

I've tried to keep reading blogs, but I hope I'll finally catch up with it within this month... See you in the comments, then!


Heva said...

beautiful!! :)

lovely shoes!!

estrella said...

Heva, YOU are lovely :)

Orquidea said...

That outfit is HOT !!

estrella said...

Orquidea: It seemed to be indeed, I got some "compliments" from men on the streets that day, I still wonder why :S