Perfect match

Namely, this:
grey tights and flats
Back in march, I bought some tights of other colours, and some time later, a cute pair of grey flats. When they met at home, it was love at first sight!
So I didn't wait long to wear the lovely same-colour tights+shoes combo:
wearing the combo at last
I totally love summer, but I miss wearing tights :)


Anonymous said...

I love it when the color of the shoes matches the tights - awesome.

The Seeker said...

Hi dear, hope everything is ok with you.

Yes that's such a great match. I like both matching shoes with the tights, making the legs longer, as I like a colour clushing.

Hpe you're having a nice time.


estrella said...

Nadine: Me too, but apart from black I didn't have the right colours to do so until now :)

The Seeker: Thank you dear, I hope you're alright too by now :D