Too late!

Today it was a little late and consequently dark, but I wanted to take a picture of the outfit because I haven't presented my new white linen trousers yet.

too dark to get a good picture

But you'll have to wait a bit more for a better introduction... Good night!

Casual day

Yesterday night I had a dinner with friends from work. I arrived home at 2:00 a.m. (and I was the first to go home)... Today was a hard day.

simple outfit

Okay, it's not my best picture, as it's not my best outfit either... but today I took a detail picture of the shirt in compensation:

white shirt

Isn't it cute??

Now I have to rest, tomorrow I'll go to the campsite early to start the weekend with the hike. See you next week, have a nice weekend!


Today I was feeling blue... My boyfriend has parted to a children summer camp and I won't see him for a fortnight.

But you know, blue is also my favourite colour :) And maybe I can scape for the weekend to pay him a visit!

blue summer dress with white capri trousers

I can't wait for the weekend :)

PS: I've just realised I'm wearing blue and white again... This is blue+white week, I guess!

Back to reality

I've spent a lovely weekend in a surprise trip to Valencia. Awesome architecture, great beach and interesting museums (and lots of good food, too!). But the best part was my ever sweet boyfriend :)

white and blue ensemble

Going back to reality was hard today. But this white skirt brightened up my day!

Like Flor

Though unintentional, I think today I was looking a bit like character Flor from the film Spanglish. I don't like her styling much, so I wasn't thrilled with my outfit... But it was practical for being at my office, though!

my outfit

So that you can tell for yourself:

Flor's outfit

Taken from

As you can see from the first picture, I kept the shoes. It's my summer shoes curse I guess, not to find what I want...


I've been searching and searching for a new pair of shoes. I want them mid-heeled, but all heels I've found are very high or otherwise look like mature lady shoes. At last I've found these:

new shoes

They're OK in the sense that they're sandals, mid-heeled and incredibly comfy. They're not OK in the sense that they're not what I was searching for in colour and shape.

The question is, should I keep them?? What do you think?? Please help me decide!