Airy ~~~

Last spring I was longing for true heat and now I'm regretting such wish, this summer is being so hot that I nearly melt when I come back home in the afternoons!

Anyway, great weather for airy dresses like this one:

green dress

Now, time for some work in this lovely air-conditioned room... ;)

Back to work :S

Today was the day... I wasn't unwilling to go back to work, but the fact of being the only one was discouraging :(

What's more, the effort of putting together an outfit after a night of bad sleep seems worthless. I'm happy I could share it with my dear family afterwards, and now with you!

jeans outfit

Let's see who is also back tomorrow...

Busy busy busy

I thought that during my vacation I'd be able to post and visit blogs fluently, but you see...

Calvin and Hobbes summer stripe

(Calvin and Hobbes stripe by great Bill Watterson, click to enlarge!)

... I'm too busy!! Happy summer to all of you :D