Working saturday

Yesterday I had to go to work... Exams on saturday should be forbidden.
yellow shirt with jeans detail of the shirt collar

New trends

I've been intentionally skipping the "New collection" section in every shop since the sales began, as I can't stand looking at warm clothes when it's 35ºC at least outside, no matter how cold the air conditioner is configured... That's taken me to a feeling of disorientation lately, as I'm becoming aware that autumn is approaching (not that temperatures have dropped, it's just that I'm preparing the new year courses) and I can't figure out what's the current trend.

That's why I bought some fashion magazine this morning, and have been flicking through it during mealtime. I don't like studs, my body doesn't allow much volume, neither skinnies... that leaves me with some harem pants, whatever skirt I like and bold colours. I'm not a slave to trendiness, so that's enough for me :)

What are your thoughts on the new trends?

And now, what I promised: more black and blue (but not so dark):

black skinnies and blue basic tee

The shoes were giving me a lot of pain until the day I decided I wouldn't wear them anymore... strange!

detail of the white flats

Nice weekend to all of you! :)

Changing my mind

Black and dark blue is a colour combination that I'd never dare to make a few years ago... Now I'm quite fond of it and lately I wear it a lot! As proof, what I wore some day last week:

It's a pity I didn't take a picture of the brooch, it hardly appears on the above one and it's a cute craft from my mum... Anyway, expect more black and blue soon ;)