More than a month without posting. And there is no crisis without a later renovation, no rebirth without a previous struggle.
It's true that I'm a bit stressed, I hardly find time for even just reading blogs, but in fact that's how I always am. I've been thinking about this and I believe the difference lays in the motivation.
I've already reached the goals I set for myself at the beginning of this blog - now I wear a style I like and mix and match more than two colors without fear. It's time for new goals. So...
New goals:
  • My body isn't general, it has a specific shape and length, some flaws and some strong points. I inted to find out what suits me best and worst, and do not choose pieces that I like but are unflattering for me.
  • I have a feeling that my wardrobe is a bit messy. I need to build a good basic wardrobe with just a few additional season clothes.
So that will be the agenda for the blog in the near future. Wish me luck in the search! :)


The Seeker said...

Hope all is great with you, my dear.

So, stepping foward... I think it's great.
Best wishies!!!



Jules said...

hope everything is ok with you, dear :D take care! keep us posted :D

estrella said...

The Seeker: Thanks, I'm not in the best mood to think up things, so for a while I'm just playing safe. I hope to start with this soon...

Jules: Thank you, I hope to come back... someday, let's say ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your new goals... go for them girl :)!

estrella said...

Nadine: Thanks! :) I'm already working on it!

Solo said...

aren't u posting anymore? :(

Travel and Living
Job Hunter

estrella said...

Solo: ...well, it looks like that and maybe it is so. When I arrive home I'm too tired for blogging! Thanks for your comment :)

The Seeker said...

Thank you so much my dear for your comment on my blog. It meant a lot.

Hope all is great with you :)

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
Big hug

hapi said...

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hapi said...

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Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

<3 take care.

Anonymous said...

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Johnny Sledge said...

By looking back thru your pics, i think you are a very pretty young woman... and your choice of outfits and style is very classy.
and I LOVE your EYES... keep on smilin'

estrella said...

Thank you :)

MattiaBolton said...

I'm cheering you on. Keep your focus and don't give up. You are on track!