Gift trip

The Three Kings night is coming soon, so this morning I went with my sister to buy some late gifts for our relatives. When we came back we played a bit with Megan :)

Megan and I

Now, back to the bunch of essays I must write for next month finals...

Happy Christmas

I couldn't miss the oportunity for wishing a Merry Christmas to everyone :)

Christmas by Barocci

What I wore today...

I was hoping that I would be able to find time for blogging once I got my daily routine stablished. The thing is, I can't. But this cute girl manages her time well enough to post her outfits every day:
What I wore today
It's admiring how she always comes out with different combinations, I can't help repiting sometimes!

Loving the details <3

This is my sister's new shirt:

green shirt

And this is what I love of it:

little ribbon in the inside

Details in the inside are for the one who wears the item of clothing, I think it's cute of the designer to include them :)

A small break

To prove this blog isn't dead: my mum some day last week (or before, I don't remember...). I finally managed to take some pic of her :)

mum in black and white

You see, we're true lovers of turtlenecks!

There're so many things going on!

This new hiatus is due to a chain of preparations and events in which I'm into. Yesterday I finally presented my master thesis, and tomorrow I'll be giving my first practice lesson ever. Plus, the new school year is beginning and I must choose my courses (with care, problems and doubts, I must say), decline what I cannot schedule in my week, and find some time to do sports and some leisure activity with my boyfriend. If I'd stop to think about all this, I'd notice I'm so tired, but I have no time to do so!
I guess that as October goes by I'll finish scheduling my week and start the new habbits, so that I can find some time to snap pictures and post them again. In the mean time, I'll try to stop by my favourite people here and leave some comments from time to time :)


Maybe, after so much searching for Oxfords, I have such an obsession that I can't stop buying pairs! hehe... But indeed, this time, it was because of the brown patent and the flat heel, I think I'll wear them a lot this winter :)

brown flat oxford shoes

Cibeles Fashion Week

I love Juanjo Oliva and also his dresses ;) And he didn't disappoint me! Here you are some of my favourite ones from his S/S 09 collection:

Juanjo Oliva collection

But for me the best this time was Juana Martín's:

Juana Martín collection

They both share things that I love: clean lines, 'airy' volume and plain, very-basic colors.

I saw some of these images from yesterday's session and, I don't know why, they kept popping in my mind while I was sleeping... Maybe now they'll infect your dreams too ;)

Pictures from

A bit cooler now

At the beginning of this month, I spent a few days in the very hot Naples and its surroundings, seeing the high amount of historical remainders that so many cultures left there since ancient times. Here's what I've got for you: in the next picture I'm holding a piece from a (rich) house's wall -- it's from the soft part of the wall, and its conical form allows it to move a little bit so that a (likely) seismic wave looses part of its strenght when it reaches the tough part of the wall, made of standard bricks. Greek people had the idea and later Roman invaders continued using it, this house is at Paestum. (Ok, I know it's hard to see, try enlarging the picture by clicking on it and see the wall in the background, which is made of these).

piece of wall in Paestum

When I came back home I had to forget my holidays in no time, because this month I present my Master thesis and there were things that I still had to rewrite!! Today I'm doing a short break to post something :)

Autumn is starting to arrive, and these days you look at your wardrobe and see nothing proper to wear, because the breeze is cold but the sun is shining! These are some of my hot-but-cooler outfits of this week:

one two three

The T-shirt in the last one is from this summer buys and I especially like it because of (apart from the color and the print) the wonderful sleeves. I tried to take a picture (downwards) of it but I'm afraid it's a bit crappy... I hope you'll guess what I mean! ;)


And finally, today's question is: how do you face the change of season? Layering? Catching a cold like me?...

My dream-come-true shoes

Glorious oxford heels:

Buffalo oxfords

Buffalo, 109.90 eur + international shipping costs

And their evil twins:

Tex oxfords

Carrefour Tex, 39.90 eur

I love my new comfy, evil shoes :)

Heat and red outfit #4

In the time I've been browsing through fashion blogs, I've built an idea that I would like to share to see what you think about it. I've noticed that, in colder countries, it seems that especially Sweeden, it's more common to wear higher hemlines than in warmer countries like Spain, where I live. And I think that it has to do with heat because maybe men are "hotter" in warmer weathers and so girls are more exposed to rude words. I don't know if it happens in other countries too, but here we have a large amount of jokes regarding building workers telling rude flirtatious comments to female passers-by. It's even considered of kind of bad taste to wear a high hemline if you're not really thin. Have you noticed the same? What's your opinion about this? How is it in your country?

Well, taking advantadge of the fact that the building sector is going down, but taking also the risk of having bad taste, some day this week I wore this red miniskirt:

red miniskirt with long black and white top and sandals

I'm sorry about the bad picture, the camera was in a bad mood that day and this is the only worthy photo it took! I would've liked to show that the top has a bow at the back, from the black ribbon under the breast area.


I've been given the "100" award by the sweet Seeker from Searching the Inner Me...

100 award icon

I believe that the first step is now done, saying who awarded me (and linking to her) and posting the award icon. Now I must choose some people to pass the award on, and tell them in their blogs. I believe the award is meant to be given to unique and great blogs. And, to me, a blog is really unique and great when it reflects its owner not only on the surface. So the winners are...

And of course, Searching the inner me, though it's where it comes from!

Thank you, Seeker; and to the awarded people, feel free to continue the award chain if you want :)

Mends to red outfit #3

Well, you know that the red outfit #3 didn't result as expected, so some mend needed to be done! Very kindly, The Seeker advised me to do this:

mend number 1

Back in that day, what I did to "recycle" it for an evening walk was this:

mend number 2

And today I want to present you "someone". You have often seen her bed and dishes, and now here you see: Megan, my beloved dog!! with my dog! Woof!!


A friend of mine told me about this T-shirt brand where people send their designs, then viewers vote and if the marks are good, they sell the tees with those prints. They are now in sale and I want to buy a few because the prints are really cool and I could save in the delivery... but I don't know which ones to choose!!

Here you see some of my favourites:

A birth day

it's one of my favourites!

Ghost on the machine

it's one of my favourites!

Complementary colors

it's one of my favourites!

Cookie loves milk

it's one of my favourites!

Sounds of the sea

it's one of my favourites!

Keeping up with the boneses

it's one of my favourites!

Our secret tuesdays

it's one of my favourites!

Two detectives, one crime scene, one thief

it's one of my favourites!

Grandpa cassette

it's one of my favourites!

Splatter in D minor

it's one of my favourites!

Russian newborn

it's one of my favourites!

Which's your preferred one?

Red outfits #2 and #3

The last days I've been missing because I was spending the weekend with my boyfriend's family. It was delicious to be with such warm people :)

Now, the promised red outfits of the day: I wore this one on a especially hot day last week -- luckily I took the car, otherwise I could've died drowning in my own sweat waiting for the train at 2 p.m.!!

Chinese-inspired outfit

This shirt is now a bit too small for me, but I refuse to give it away because I'm in love with that Chinese style. Both the dragon and the buttoning are fab. <3

Today I wore the outfit below. In the early morning the color combination seemed ok to me, but I should've stopped to look at the whole of it and I would've realised how badly it suits me. I seem to have no shape in it :S

a combination I will never wear again

Now I have to continue writing my degree final work, which I have to hand in the next month. At least the Olympic Games are over and I won't be watching the TV every now and then...

Red outfit #1

So, here's the first of the series!

red skirt and white tank and sandals

This skirt is one of my favourites! Though sometimes it gives me embarrasing Marilyn Monroe moments with any casual breeze...


I'm glad to introduce you to my red laptop rucksack:

my laptop rucksack

This has been my everyday companion since I came back from the beach. Its bright red is filling my head with bright hopes and happiness. So, here I begin a series of red outfits -- every one must have something red, and this will last... till I get bored :P


(Image from

It's summer time!!

I'm back from the campsite and everything went well :) Now I'm wearing 6 thread bangles on my wristle, gifts from kids and others, and hence somehow ready for my real vacation on the beach!! :D

thread bangles

I appreciate your kind comments in the previous post and I must say that though I haven't had the time to comment on yours I've read them all. I'll try to leave some comments before I leave tomorrow.

I'm going to post two outfits from some time ago. I love this summer trend of floral dresses, maybe because of the Mango advertising I could see every morning last spring:

Mango campaign

Though not as much as I would've liked, I've worn some flowers myself, like here for a special event (I also love this dress' 20s look!):

A flowered dress

Or here, where I'm happily wearing the dress my sister gave to me, which in fact is from Mango, and the beautiful lost wedges:

Another flowered dress Detail of the bolero

Now, before I leave, I have to show you something! I just found these high-waisted shorts in the wardrobe, they come from my sister's childhood and they still fit me. Yipeee!!

Old navy shorts

And at last it's time to go... Enjoy the lovely summertime!!

Beach and relax at last!!

Cruel fate!

You might remember these shoes my mom gave me for my birthday:

green shoes (and socks)

I had to change them because they didn't fit my toes' shape. In return, I took this lovely pair:

blue wedges

I fell in love with them, the bows at the back are so cute and the checked inside is a detail I adore. However, my bad luck didn't leave me -- after no more than 5 days, the wedges began to peel off! So, back to the shop, I tried to say goodbye to them, but they refused to let me choose another shoes and only gave me a new pair. No way -- again back to the shop, and finally they gave me back the money.

I'm having a lot of trouble finding shoes this summer, though I have clear ideas of what I want. Maybe that's the problem! For now, I've only managed to get this pretty pair of red sandals:

red sandals

I've taken some pictures but I've had a really busy time lately and haven't found a moment to post them: I had loads of work to finish before tomorrow, when I'll leave for a fortnight to a camp site. There'll be about a hundred boys and girls. Wish me luck! :)

Double F!

I know it's been almost a month (wow!), but I've been really unable to post anything. We are finally relocating everyone's rooms at home, and it's taking a lot of time to paint the walls, undo and redo furniture, throw some of it, buy some new... and move all our things from where they were to their new places. For now, my computer is hidden among other stuff and I can only browse through the blogsphere during work breaks.

This is how I'm discovering some blogs and finding out that I'm very into Finnish and French girls' style. In addition to Ranna, Piksi (Finnish), Betty and Alix (French), now you can find in my blogroll these two beautiful ladies: Heidi and Elodie...

Converting vegetarians

Heidi's pictures

Le blog de la méchante

Elodie's pictures

(Click on the images to enlarge them)

Well, it seems that at least I will be able to use my laptop at home from now on and, with my exams finished, I hope I can post some HOT SUMMER outfits soon. Lovely 30º C degrees at last... :)

Enjoy the summer!

A pain in the neck

In the last days I'm kind of obsessed with wearing something around my neck. The variable stupid weather (but not unpredictable: you know it'll rain in the end ¬¬) makes me unsure and having my neck properly covered is what I need to leave the house in the morning.

This red shirt brought a bow brooch with it (the one I'm wearing here), but last saturday I saw at least 3 people wearing it in different colours :S So I thought that replacing the brooch with a big bow around the neck would make a nice change and hopefully it wouldn't look the same... It reminded me of a mix between a child and a painter :)

Now you can see my yellow hairband too! This winter I've been totally into hairbands, and this one is my favourite.

Forecasts say that we'll have more rain until next wednesday at least... I hope it will be sunny from then on!!