A pain in the neck

In the last days I'm kind of obsessed with wearing something around my neck. The variable stupid weather (but not unpredictable: you know it'll rain in the end ¬¬) makes me unsure and having my neck properly covered is what I need to leave the house in the morning.

This red shirt brought a bow brooch with it (the one I'm wearing here), but last saturday I saw at least 3 people wearing it in different colours :S So I thought that replacing the brooch with a big bow around the neck would make a nice change and hopefully it wouldn't look the same... It reminded me of a mix between a child and a painter :)

Now you can see my yellow hairband too! This winter I've been totally into hairbands, and this one is my favourite.

Forecasts say that we'll have more rain until next wednesday at least... I hope it will be sunny from then on!!

Challenges against bad weather

In about a fortnight, Zaragoza Expo'08 is supposed to start. Its theme is WATER. And it seems that Water doesn't want to miss the event, as it's been cloudy and rainy for more than a month. They say that in some regions of Spain, this May will be the most rainy one of the last 137 years. So rainy, that Zaragoza's Expo may not be ready for the planned starting day.

So, as you may imagine, I'm totally bored with bad weather, and longing to loose view of the clothes I've been seeing for more than half a year. I'm already making a wishlist of items I want to buy this summer, but as I'm not even able to wear the dress my sister gave me for my birthday, it's useless to buy anything at all.

Luckily I've used some challenges to give some fun to dressing... The first one, was to make up a spring-ish look with fall/winter colours, as Nadine. This is my idea:

fall colours for spring

Do you think I got it? For me red, navy and white are winter colours. But, thinking about it again, they're also summer colours. And thinking about it again, apart from grey and black I cannot think of more pure winter colours :P

The next one was breaking a rule - wearing pink and blue together. The Seeker did it greatly, here you see what I wore that day:

pink and blue more pink and blue

Ideas for new challenges are welcome :)

... By the way, I've changed my simpsonized face, as the one I used is locked in the stored computer. So today I've just left the eyes so that you can see my change of haircut!

The return

The day I last posted here, my grandfather died. Since then, I wasn't in the mood for making up outfits, so there was nothing special to show. In addition my grandmother moved to our flat, and now she's sleeping in my room and I'm temporarily sleeping on the nested underbed of my sister's, so all our clothes are here and there and nowhere... And what's more my computer is separated into pieces and stored as it was in my room, luckily I've got my brand new laptop to work on it but I haven't installed any photo editing program there yet, so no way to put my simpsonized face on ;) AND this last month is being awfully stressful with lots of works to deliver in no time. After this long story I've just told you, I hope you forgive the lack of posts lately and keep coming back here :)

Last monday was my boyfriend's birthday. On sunday I was invited to his place to have lunch with the whole family, and this is what I wore (sorry for the bad quality...):

black and white again

As you can see, I have a weakness for black and white combinations, and I always go for it when it's a special occasion or I don't know very well what I'm supposed to wear. Both of which matched perfectly with the invitation (I knew his family would be wearing comfy clothes and slippers, but it was a birthday after all!).

Well, for now it will have to do. I must work on an assignment for today's class :S


We've been tagged by Soph, so here we go with the meme. These are the rules:

  • Create a link to the person who tagged you.
  • Mention the rules for this game on your blog.
  • Tell 6 unimportant things/(bad) habits (unspectacular quirks) about you.
  • After answering the questions tag six other people and link them in your blog.
  • Tell the people you've tagged about it in their own blogs.

Points 1 and 2 are already fulfilled, and now my mum and I are going to answer the third:

  • My mum can't never ever leave a single thing out of its place.
  • She always wakes up thirsty at midnight.
  • She never notices when you are leaving the room, so it's really easy that she speaks to you when you're not even there.
  • I can't stand when cupboard/cabinet/wardrobe doors are not completely closed.
  • I usually prefer watching the commercials on TV than the actual program.
  • ... if I can watch TV! I never have time for it and hence I don't follow any series or show.

I can't think of a blogger that hasn't been already tagged, so I leave this open for whoever wants to take it!

Now, talking about ads, here I paste a video of the commercial for Quizás, Quizás, Quizás by Loewe. I find it most inspiring, especially the short version. I hope you like it!