Challenges against bad weather

In about a fortnight, Zaragoza Expo'08 is supposed to start. Its theme is WATER. And it seems that Water doesn't want to miss the event, as it's been cloudy and rainy for more than a month. They say that in some regions of Spain, this May will be the most rainy one of the last 137 years. So rainy, that Zaragoza's Expo may not be ready for the planned starting day.

So, as you may imagine, I'm totally bored with bad weather, and longing to loose view of the clothes I've been seeing for more than half a year. I'm already making a wishlist of items I want to buy this summer, but as I'm not even able to wear the dress my sister gave me for my birthday, it's useless to buy anything at all.

Luckily I've used some challenges to give some fun to dressing... The first one, was to make up a spring-ish look with fall/winter colours, as Nadine. This is my idea:

fall colours for spring

Do you think I got it? For me red, navy and white are winter colours. But, thinking about it again, they're also summer colours. And thinking about it again, apart from grey and black I cannot think of more pure winter colours :P

The next one was breaking a rule - wearing pink and blue together. The Seeker did it greatly, here you see what I wore that day:

pink and blue more pink and blue

Ideas for new challenges are welcome :)

... By the way, I've changed my simpsonized face, as the one I used is locked in the stored computer. So today I've just left the eyes so that you can see my change of haircut!


Anonymous said...

I love the last look - pink and blue - what a brilliant combination.

LucyInTheSky said...

It`s a grat combination, I could never wear it but I love it on you.

The Seeker said...

I think you rock in that pink and blue combo.
You're a beautiful gil, I'm glad we can see more of your face.
OMG thank you so much for the mention, you're very kind and sweet. (I'm just afraid that the link doesn't work.)


estrella said...

Nadine: Thank you :) I'm very happy that I found tights that match so perfectly with that shirt :D It gives a special look!

LucyInTheSky: Thank you! But why not? Maybe you could try with pale tones :)

The Seeker: Thanks!! ^_^ I'm blushing...
I'm so sorry about the link, but now it's fixed. I really liked your pink + blue combination :)

soph said...

the new haircut is wicked! i love all your tights

estrella said...

Soph: Thank you! :) I bought all the coloured tights this winter and now I don't know how I could survive without them before ;)

LaGuPeGGa said...

lovely tights <3

estrella said...

LaGuPeGGa: Thanks!