Cruel fate!

You might remember these shoes my mom gave me for my birthday:

green shoes (and socks)

I had to change them because they didn't fit my toes' shape. In return, I took this lovely pair:

blue wedges

I fell in love with them, the bows at the back are so cute and the checked inside is a detail I adore. However, my bad luck didn't leave me -- after no more than 5 days, the wedges began to peel off! So, back to the shop, I tried to say goodbye to them, but they refused to let me choose another shoes and only gave me a new pair. No way -- again back to the shop, and finally they gave me back the money.

I'm having a lot of trouble finding shoes this summer, though I have clear ideas of what I want. Maybe that's the problem! For now, I've only managed to get this pretty pair of red sandals:

red sandals

I've taken some pictures but I've had a really busy time lately and haven't found a moment to post them: I had loads of work to finish before tomorrow, when I'll leave for a fortnight to a camp site. There'll be about a hundred boys and girls. Wish me luck! :)


The Seeker said...

OMG! I Love your red sandals, they're so cute, also so pretty and stylish.
But it was really some kind of adventure until you got them.
Those other shoes were very nice, the blue ones were cute with those details ;)
Hmmmmm but I can see you in lovely outfits with your lovely sandals, pretty girl :)

Thank you so much for your sweet words in my blog, dear.

Also hope you had fun at the camp site, that was something....

Luv hun


Anonymous said...

Oh... it's a pity... but I love your new pair of shoes, too! The bow is so cute! I have problems, too finding comfortable shoes for summer.

CoutureCarrie said...

Very pretty!

Knuspi said...

Oh the red one are really cute!

estrella said...

I'm back! So here are the replies to all your sweet comments :)

The Seeker: Thank you dear! The campsite was a great experience :) And I'm totally in love with the red sandals, I wear them a lot!

Nadine: Yes, it's really a pity. But I won't even return to that shop, they treated me as if I were trying to cheat on them! I hope that you'll find a comfy pair of shoes at least!

CoutureCarrie: Thank you :)

Knuspi: Thanks! I was really lucky to find them :)